A Little About Me, A Little About FungiFi...

Hey guys! My name is Darryll and I'm the founder of FungiFi.
I grew up in Cape Coral, FL, then was mostly nomadic for about 15 years, until I decided to settle down and grow some roots in Miami.

I've been using functional mushrooms as part of my daily lifestyle for almost a decade, adding them to my morning coffee and noticing a variety of benefits. I have a ton of energy, I *very* rarely get sick, I notice an increase in my athletic performance, and they help me be sharper and more focused when doing things that demand a high level of cognitive function, such as when I'm playing poker, which was my full time profession for over 15 years before I decided to get involved in other things, such as Miami Mushroom Fest (miamimushroomfest.com), of which I am a co-founder.

As the functional/adaptogenic mushroom started to really grow in recent years, I've noticed that many brands entering the space use mycelium (roots, essentially) rather than the mushroom's fruiting body, to create their product. This saves them a lot of money on production cost, but offers a fraction of the health benefits, as the majority of the polysaccharides and beta glucans are derived from the body of the mushroom, and they are the main reason why these mushrooms do what they do. You can find out more about this, as well as the specific benefits and science of each mushroom, on our Resources page.

So, due to my disappointment with the number of low-quality products appearing in this space, as well as my desire to introduce these mushrooms to my community, I decided to start my own business, and came up with the name"FungiFi" as a combination of two of my favorite things; Fungi and Hi-Fi audio. In the same way high fidelity speakers allow us to enjoy music at a higher level, I believe high quality mushroom products allow us to enjoy life at a higher level. Thus, the concept of Hi-Fi Living was born.

We make our products using organically grown fruiting body mushrooms, because we want you to get what you’re paying for. I use Hi-Five in my coffee every day, and I wouldn’t feel good sell something that I didn’t feel good about using myself. I’m excited to see what lies ahead, both for FungiFi and for the world of Mycology, as I believe mushrooms are meant to be allies to humans, and have immense potential to benefit our health, and our happiness.

Welcome to FungiFi, and welcome to Hi-Fi Living!